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Playing violin was always important to me but teaching was also important.

I find true joy in passing onto someone else the information that I had

that would make them enjoy the activity more.

Collegiate Appointments

Houghton College

Assistant Professor of Violin and Viola | Houghton College

Assistant Professor of Violin and Viola & Director of Chamber Music Ensemble

(2018 - Present)

Secondary Applied Violin Instructor | University of Rochester-Eastman School of Music

Secondary Applied Violin Instructor 


University of

  Houghton University


  Music Center

Violin Faculty & Chamber Coach (Summer 2019)

Visiting Chamber Coach, Carnegie's Weill Institute

 Carnegie's Weill   

Visiting Chamber Coach 

(Summer 2018)

Violin Faculty, JCC Thurnauer School of Music

  JCC Thurnauer      School of Music

Violin Faculty


Visiting Artist, SUNY Geneseo

SUNY Geneseo

Visiting Artist 


Teaching Artist, Juilliard


Teaching Artist 


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Faculty & Other Appointments 

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